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The School of Positive Psychology has joined the SHE BRILLIANCE movement to help more women on their path towards optimal function – being their authentic selves.

Jana Dawson, Positive Psychology Corporate Trainer and Director of Academic and Training Development at The School of Positive Psychology, tells us how she will employ an evidence-based approach at the SHE BRILLIANCE event’s Positivity & Wellness workshop to guide women through unleashing their best selves. She will also help identify their strengths that can be applied across different industries.

“I’m not talking about skills and talents, but our innate psychological capacity in the way we think and behave, and what comes naturally. So in the workshop, we’ll be looking at how to identify our strengths and how we can use those strengths in combination and in a sophisticated way to increase our confidence and engagement to become more resilient, resulting in higher life satisfaction,” Dawson says.

With a deep understanding of how a cultural focus on our weakness can derail women from becoming their best selves, Jana guides individuals and teams to leverage their innate psychological capacities to cultivate resilience, confidence and optimism to pursue their own passion goals and elevate wellbeing. 

Her multidisciplinary background in organisational and intercultural communication, positive psychology, coaching and mindfulness has fashioned her expertise in developing and delivering evidence-based, culturally applicable programmes in numerous organisational contexts.

Sign up for the inaugural SHE BRILLIANCE event and join 200 brilliant women for this all-day, in-person experience at Marina Bay Sands on 29 October 2021. 

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