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In this episode, renowned executive coach Kim Underhill shares her journey through challenging the traditional notions of success and moulding a new age of leadership.

As Board President of Daughters of Tomorrow, a non-profit organisation that empowers underprivileged women and enables families by facilitating livelihood opportunities, Kim volunteers to train/coach underprivileged women. Through the Confidence Curriculum, Kim helps women gain the confidence and skills needed to return to the workforce.

Her experience attending night school for six years while working up the corporate ladder and caring for two children as a single mother is also a testament to her grit and determination to succeed.

Citing her recently published book New Age Leadership, Kim explains the three key aspects of leadership: Self-Leadership, Team Leadership and Business Leadership. Kim says conscious leaders listen with the intent to understand and not just respond, and they do so by being in tune with themselves and the world around them. She believes cultivating self-awareness is the first step to understanding others better and building a great team in any business.

Self-awareness enables one to monitor and manage strengths and weaknesses, thoughts, feelings, and motives. A higher level of self-awareness and a never-ending desire to learn about yourself, your emotions, and the environment around you become integral to learning, overcoming challenges, and maximising the results of every day inside and outside the office.

Working on the self also relates to personal branding, as Kim explains why it is important to work beyond the job scope to excel at their job, get noticed and fight for a seat at the table regardless of gender.

No matter the rank in an organisation, Kim says it is common for women to feel confused or stuck at some point. She explains how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and the exercises that help minimise distractions and attain our goals while caring for your mental well-being.

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