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BEAMER and hotelier, Kerry Healy, shares how she navigating trying times.

How do you BEAM?

I get my energy from aligning myself with positive people, even more so since Covid-19, spending time with people who think, talk and act positively despite situations.

Optimism, to me, is crucial to navigating challenging times. Knowing that nothing lasts forever helps me stay focused and motivated both in my professional and personal life.

Over the last two years, I have found starting my day earlier and earlier and including daily morning mediation practice before I throw myself into the daily grind helps. It grounds me, and I avoid looking at my phone till after I have done this, and if I can still after, I exercise.

What I think about and read about in the first hour of waking can profoundly impact my day.

Why does re-thinking your business approach help build lasting relationships?

I think I said to you in an interview last year that trust is the new currency. I still believe this. We are operating in very challenging times, and we need to think differently to keep our business stakeholders engaged, be that our owners.

They need to know we are operating in their best interest and managing their assets as well as we can despite the circumstances, our teams that are employed, that we are doing everything possible to keep people employed and engaged. What we do now and say now will impact business relationships into the future.

The one thing I would do if I weren’t afraid is…skydive!

Kerry Healy is Chief Commercial Officer, South East Asia, Japan and South Korea at Accor. Having over 25 years of experience in hospitality across four continents and is a strategic thinker with adeep understanding of both the corporate and commercial side of the industry. She is skilled in Negotiation,Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Hospitality Industry, Event Management, and Leisure Industry.

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