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SHE BRILLIANCE appoints social entrepreneur, self-work practitioner and Member of Parliament to Nee Soon GRC, Carrie Tan, as patron of the SHE BRILLIANCE movement.

Co-founder of SHE BRILLIANCE Kim Underhill explains, “Whether it is through Daughters of Tomorrow or her day-to-day encounters, Carrie’s vision for women, particularly in the areas of equal opportunity, will elevate our movement’s focus as we gain further foresight from our community.”

In a recent SHE BRILLIANCE interview, Tan shares, “The essence of true equality is the awareness that what we are doing here is ‘we for us’. It is only when we accept that we are in this together that the spirit of nurturing, growing and collaborating can truly be amplified.”

As patron, the passionate changemaker will work closely with the SHE BRILLIANCE co-founders to align and shape women-centric initiatives and make impactful connections over the next two years. 

Kate Sibbett, a co-founder of SHE BRILLIANCE, is excited to embark on this journey with Tan’s brilliance. “Having Carrie grace our inaugural in-person event and share her journey as a woman would broaden our community’s perspective on how to create their version of success. Whether in life or at work, our authentic selves are more impactful than we think. We are grateful that our event partners share our vision in bringing peer-to-peer learning experiences at a time when we can do better by leaning into each other.”   

The SHE BRILLIANCE movement will kick off with 200 women participating in the inaugural in-person event on Friday, 29 October 2021, at Marina Bay Sands. Early-bird registration is available until 30 September. 

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