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As we look towards a post-pandemic world, we learn from leaders what opportunities women in 2022 can keep an eye out for to stay ahead of the game.


A 2022 consumer trends report by GWI found that more people are pursuing their purpose in life following the pandemic. Not only has the last two years forced everyone to hit the reset button and change how we work, but why we work as well. It has spurred personal innovation through the need to survive and regain control.

Citing the report, Jess Chen, Managing Director at LABBRAND, says that the trend of future work becoming ‘entrepreneurial’ stems from the lack of control over careers. “As women, we crave freedom, creativity, flexibility and fulfilment. Nurturing the potential of women can encourage and empower them to fuel their passion, translating into more opportunities. When women are optimistic about their future, it’s good for everyone around them!”

She added that the automation of jobs allows women to develop their transdisciplinary thinking and bolster personal growth through upskilling. “This empowers women with the confidence and knowledge to bring more value to the table. We all want to stay visible and relevant.”

Carolyn Chin-Parry, Digital Innovation Leader, PwC Singapore, agrees that the pandemic has forced many to re-evaluate their purpose in life and career. She says the Great Resignation trend has given women the opportunity to chase more purpose-driven pursuits while taking control of their well-being.

“Work from home has also revolutionised the way we evaluate well-being and inclusivity in the workplace, especially for women. It allows for more under-represented groups, such as those with disabilities, carers and those who take on the heavier burden of parental/domestic responsibilities (traditionally women) in the workforce. Whilst nobody wants a pandemic, one of the positive things coming out of COVID-19 is indeed the enablement to include a broader range of workers who have previously had to take a back seat,” Chin-Parry says.

Maaike Doyer, Founder of Epic Angels, was drawn to the cryptocurrency trend and how its rise presents an opportunity for women in investment. “In general, women tend to keep their money in the bank. Investing is something we stay away from because we see it as a risky business! Is it risky? Maybe. Is your money safe in the bank? Probably not. With the rise of crypto, investment became more accessible to everyone. This has brought many platforms available to the everyday investor. You can invest with just $5 a week if you want to.

“And not only in crypto. This is a great opportunity for women. You don’t need to throw all your money in one basket and invest with large sums. You now have the opportunity to start investing with small amounts. To get more comfortable with the volatility. And to explore an investment strategy that fits you. We need to dare to take a little risk. One step at a time. But please, do take that first step!”