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Are we what we say we are? In this episode, BEAM speaks with Joanna Ong-Ash to uncover how aspiring leaders could achieve greater fulfilment by shaping narratives.

Building leadership capacity is a complex endeavour. Leaders who possess the narrative intelligence to understand why things sometimes work out less effectively than expected can help reshape thoughts, so that it better supports an organisation’s goals, aspirations and wellbeing. It allows leaders to engage with others effectively while pursuing outcomes.

Following our recent survey on ‘Insights into the future of women in leadership’, one of the essential traits to successful leadership is communication excellence. Joanna Ong-Ash, Director of Bravery Communications and NEON Leaders, talks about the art of intentional communication and how practising it has helped her to lead her team in a compassionate and conducive way to deal with cynicism. She also reveals the building blocks needed to influence people’s opinions using the power of written words.

Intentional communication is one of the most effective tools to shape and articulate powerful narratives of what’s possible. Effective leaders are able to articulate a clear sense of purpose, vision, and strategy. Clarity of communication during uncertain times is more crucial than ever, as it can bring individuals together as teams, and teams come together as communities, with a unifying sense of purpose and collective ambition.

In our conversation, Joanna shares her personal and professional experiences of why it is so important to be able to communicate with authenticity, transparency, trust and inspiration. Developing a powerful narrative demands leaders to take a stand on beliefs, what you are about, and what impact you hope to create as you set out to form teams and build brands.

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