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In this episode, BEAM speaks with Kai Chan of ISS Global Forwarding to uncover how leaders consciously build psychological safety in teams.

In this episode, Kai Chan shares how leaders can balance mental wellbeing with business responsibilities, productivity, and fiscal expectations.

Team leaders who create psychologically safe work environments are less likely to experience employee turnover on their teams. People should feel like they can ask questions, raise concerns and pitch ideas without undue repercussions.

To retain top performers, managers need to ensure psychological safety across the whole company. But like any major initiative, it needs to start at the top with executive buy-in.

The psychological safety concept is especially crucial to a team’s success, especially when the team is working from home and based in different countries.

Kai believes that while managers have to hold people accountable for performance metrics, there are many ways to achieve them. She explains what psychological safety means and how to maintain employee engagement by helping people feel comfortable to build the shared belief that the team is safe for risk-taking.

How psychologically safe employees feel when they are at work has implications for innovation, team interactions, productivity and ultimately, business success.

A psychologically safe workplace provides an environment where people are encouraged to understand each other’s points of view, understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, support each other, and feel confident to make suggestions and offer ideas, teams flourish.

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