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Covid-19 has levelled the playing field for success and leadership. We speak to Shen Ming Lee, author and Chief Marketing Officer of CRUST Group, to determine how impactful leadership goes beyond a big job title.

For millennials and Gen Zs, social issues are top of mind. People born between 1981 and 1996 make up the largest portion of the world population and have different traits than other generational cohorts. They have long pushed for social change and do not hold back on issues such as racial justice, inequality and the environment. Their unique consumption trends are also changing the outlook for the earth’s future. As more millennials take on leadership roles, what can organisations do to nurture and support them, and what can we emulate from this growing generation?

In this episode, Shen Ming Lee, CRUST Group’s CMO and author of Hungry for Disruption: How Tech Innovations Will Nourish 10 Billion By 2050, sits with us to talk about her experience and challenges as a young leader, not only for a company but also as a champion for driving meaningful cause: a better food future.

Advocating for change can easily come across as naivety and idealism to the conservatives afraid of rocking the boat. When you ask someone the core strengths a leader needs to have today, it is common to hear words such as vision, integrity, confidence, excellent communication, courage, and more. However, the one leadership attribute that is increasingly being discussed is vulnerability. The growing acceptance of failure is changing the way companies approach innovation. Shen says some even build exit strategies into their projects to ensure that doomed efforts don’t drag on indefinitely.

She shares us what impactful leaderships should look like to help build long-lasting, positive and meaningful contributions to organisations and communities. We also discuss how a leader’s response to failures and mistakes can greatly impact the way companies and their people approach innovation, how the way we respond forms our narrative.

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